25 is a multiplayer FPS in a sci-fi theme with crazy features like portals and jump platforms. It’s a SpaceGuard game, so you can be sure to have a Quake-like experience while shooting Portal guns and navigating around the maps. The Space environment is awesome with 4 hand made maps to Battle on. within the game, there are 2 modes you can play. Deathmatch, which is every SpaceGuard for themselves. Then there is team deathmatch where you will work with your friendslist or auto-matched teammates to exterminate the other team! The game also has different skins for your SpaceGuard character! Whether you want to look like an Alien or Martian, there is a SpaceGuard skin for that! So enter the Space arena today and see if you have what it takes to become the ultimate SpaceGuard!

You can contact FreezeNova by email at [email protected]
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